Tiny House you can put wherever you can imagine. House on wheels has this advantage over other options. Tiny House can be put on every type of blocks from the building plot to Natura 2000 area. MOBI HOUSE as one of the few companies in Europe has a full homologation which allow to register Tiny House as camping trailer.  In a situation where you do not own a plot of land you can look for a lease or campsite.  With a development of Tiny House movement in our country undoubtedly Tiny House Villages will be created, where we will be able to rent a piece of land with access to all utilities and live in the vicinity of people who share similar values.

Our company’s offer includes comprehensive service and the construction of a tiny house. We built our tiny houses in three version of furnishings:


  •    Version DIY:  for self – furnishing and equipment
  •    Standard version: ready and fully furnished house
  •    Comfort version: fully furnished house with household appliances


To move on the roads, it is necessary to register our tiny house and have a category B+E driving license, in addition, the house must have a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons. If you do not a driving license B+E it is not a problem. After all, how often do you move your tiny house. We can always ask a friend, professional driver or you can contact us we will help! In our company’s offer we have two models (MOBI ONESTORY or MOBI TRAVELER), which are addressed to people how want to travel with their Tiny House.



If we decide on a tiny house which is not so tiny anymore and weight exceeds 3,5 tons, we will need low loader truck to travel it. MOBI HOUSE has such a truck in its fleet.

We have a special car in our fleet adapted to transport tiny houses. We deliver our tiny houses all over the Europe. The price per 1 km ranges from 8 PLN up to 14 PLN (one way, of course) and depends on the size of the tiny house.

After accepting the specification and signing the contract with our company, you receive drawings with the installation marked. There are electricity, water, sewage or septic tank, depending on your choice. In addition, a special drawing shows the position of the levelling feet.

The most important issue is whether utilities are available on your plot, if so, what are they? If we have access to electricity, water, sewage system or septic tank, the matter is very simple. There are media connections under the trailer or in the box, just connect the house to use the shower, toilet, dishwasher. However in the situation you have only water or only electricity we have many solutions.  We can design a mixed off-grid/on-grid home or create a completely autonomous home.

Price fluctuations are caused by several factors:


  •    the biggest influence on the price of the house is, of course, its size,
  •    market prices of materials, which, especially recently, are constantly changing. We are dependent on our suppliers, so we need to regularly update the price list
  •    each house we build is individualized to some extent. Even if the client chooses a tiny house straight from the catalog, there are still several decisions that affect the final price - type of heating, equipment, autonomy of the house.


MOBI HOUSE is a company based on passion for building tiny houses.  We built each of our tiny houses as for ourselves. Some of our employees lives in Tiny House all year around thanks to that we constantly improve production of our houses, monitor how time and weather conditions affect our tiny houses and introduce the improvements they require to the standard offer. On the market, MOBI House is distinguished by the consistency in use of the best quality materials, visible style and designs refined in every detail. MOBI HOUSE is also characterized by an individual approach to clients. Our interior designs, furniture and design solutions are the sum of the experience of MOBI HOUSE designer. As a company we want to be the best! 

To put a house on a plot, a tractor or a powerful off-road vehicle is usually enough. Remember that the preparation of free entry to the plot is always on your side. You can connect and level the house yourself or use our offer - the MOBI HOUSE team will do it for you. Such a service is calculated individually and usually costs around PLN 3,500

We design our houses according to the client's budget. Thanks to a flexible and personalized approach to each project, house prices can vary significantly. It is affected by the size, degree of finish, equipment and market prices of materials.  Below link to the cheapest and the most expensive tiny houses produced by MOBI HOUSE so far:



Please use the configurator. It will allow you to create a preliminary design of your dream tiny house - the configurator will guide you from technical aspects, through equipment, to the price. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with our previous projects  - they can be a great inspiration or source of ideas for your tiny.

Of course!  Each of our houses can be customized to your needs. We usually operate within three sizes of trailers: 6 m, 7.2 m and 8.4 m. We are able to build a house of any size and arrange freely. The only limit is your imagination.

Of course! We customize our tiny house according your needs and dreams. Team MOBI HOUSE makes every effort to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

We produce our tiny with the utmost care, choosing only the best of the best materials. Thanks to this, we can boldly offer a 2-year warranty on our houses.  

We invite you to our headquarters in Zblewo at ul. Białachowska 1A, where you can see the show houses. We invite you to make an appointment - then a representative of the company will take care of you, answer all your questions and present houses in production that are still under construction.

MOBI HOUSE cooperate with a trusted partners which offers both consumer and "classic" leasing options for a company. If you need more information please contact us.  

Yes! Tiny houses are more and more often chosen to live all your round. Our houses are properly insulated as standard and are prepared for this option in every aspect. It is only up to you what solutions we will use in your home. All our houses are year-round thanks to excellent insulation and adequate heating. Mobi houses prove themselves even in the most extreme conditions. We invite you to watch the movie:

Tiny house can be used in many ways. For some it as a year – round house for others a holiday house. It is also a good idea for those who do not want to take a loan – you can build a house on a small plot.  A tiny house is also a business idea – recently glamping an “exclusive” campsite, where you have a contact with nature but in comfortable conditions become more and more popular. On our trailers you can built office, changing room, sauna, shop or a catering point.


Yes. There are several insurance companies that insure mobile homes. The cost of insurance with the most popular partner in our country is about PLN 1,500 per year.