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Our company has several standard models on offer, but always the final design depends on the customers and their vision. Construction of houses is the production of the frame, but also its finishing and arrangement. There are customers who dream of taking care of this themselves. We understand them, because we love the process ourselves! For those who do not have the time, ability or desire to create a house from scratch, we have an offer from MOBI DEVELOPER.


MOBI DEVELOPER is a project for those who dream of tackling the finishing touches to a house themselves, but don't have the time, ability or desire to create one from scratch. MOBI 02 DEVELOPER MACADAMIA is a project on a 5.4-meter-long MH Trailers brand trailer. The chassis is fully approved as a caravan. Registering the tiny house as a caravan gives you the opportunity to have AC/OC insurance also for the house, not just the trailer itself, and insurance during travel as well as use. This tiny house is finished from the outside - Scandinavian spruce planks are laid horizontally and painted gray. It has a white single-leaf door and white PVC windows with certified road glass that open inward and outward. The center is prepared for self-finishing - wooden structure, vapor barrier film and styrodur in the floor. MOBI DEVELOPER is an ideal model for do-it-yourselfers!




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