Mobi 06 APPLE

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MOBI 06 Apple is a modified design of Mobi 06 - an additional mezzanine, doors moved to the side wall and a large amount of glazing are the main changes. The chassis is 7.8 meters long and has three axles. There are two mezzanines in the mobi. One serves as a bedroom - the balustrade is a thickly woven rope, there is a frame with a mattress, and a staircase with cabinets leads to it. The second mezzanine is a resting place - the floor is made of mesh, the role of the railing is also a thickly woven rope, and it can be accessed by a folding ladder. The living room has a double sofa bed and large windows with pleats. Next is the kitchen with basic appliances. Among them are an induction hob, oven, cooker hood, built-in electric refrigerator and dishwasher. The bathroom is equipped with a shower cubicle, a sink with cabinet, a regular built-in toilet and a cabinet with mirror. Heating sources are electric radiators and underfloor heating. An air conditioner and recuperator have also been installed. The colors that prevail in the interior are green, white and black, broken by wooden accents. The facade is natural-colored Scandinavian spruce laid vertically.

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