Projekt Mobi 07

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Our latest cabin on wheels Mobi 07 is characterized by a new, interesting shape and an option of your own, interesting arrangement of storage space. In this tiny house trailer, we have used comfortable alternating tread stairs which significantly save space.

Space, individualization and proven solutions - these are the goals which guided us in creating our latest tiny house Mobi 07. This model is perfect for various situations, both during long family trips, solitary relaxation in the bosom of nature, as well as a place to work or longer residence. The secret of this tiny house trailer lies in the use of exceptionally friendly solutions, thanks to which we managed to obtain the maximum amount of space which can be used to store various items - from clothes, books, cosmetics, through office supplies, to sleeping bags, bedding and blankets.

What's new in the cabin on wheels Mobi 07?

The location of the bathroom has changed, and it is now on the side wall. Thanks to this procedure, we present a completely different, refreshed form of the interior and respond to the needs of those who want a slightly different layout of the space in the finished house. Our designers work with particular care on interior concepts to optimize the space for our customers. At the same time, we would like to remind you that in each of our tiny house trailers, you can rearrange the interior according to your needs!

The Mobi 07 model is also characterized by an L-shaped kitchen. Inside this house with an extremely modern shape, for the first time, we implemented our mobile table for installation in two places.

Cabin on wheels with alternating tread stairs

The biggest change which brings a huge variety of benefits is the use of alternating tread stairs. This solution allows you to significantly save space and significantly increases the storage space. Alternating tread stairs are more compact than their standard counterparts, yet much more comfortable than a ladder! From the launch of our new cabin on wheels Mobi 07, we will offer alternating tread stairs as an option in other models of our tiny house trailers, too.

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