MOBI KOLOS A is one of two XL premium mobile homes. It is built on an MH trailers brand trailer with a length of 9.7 meters, and its area is almost 35 m2. It is a year-round project, offering a kitchen with a dining area, a living area, a separate room with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a loft. This project is a bachelor pad on wheels!


MOBI KOLOS A is a truly impressive XL mobile home that combines modernity, functionality, and elegance. It is built on an MH trailers brand trailer with an impressive length of 9.7 meters!

This home offers a space of almost 35 m2, making it truly comfortable to stay in. At first glance, it's clear that the designers have put effort into perfecting every detail of this home.

The interior impresses with a wealth of solutions. In the spacious kitchen with a dining area, a large wooden table and benches with storage compartments have been placed, 

which are extremely functional, while black furniture adorned with golden handles adds elegance and style.

The living room invites relaxation with a comfortable sofa and fireplace, adding coziness to the interior. A separate room serves as a bedroom, where a bed with an upholstered headboard ensures a comfortable sleep.

An unusual solution was applied in the bathroom, as a bathtub with a shower screen was installed. It's also worth mentioning the mezzanine, which can serve as additional sleeping or relaxation space.

This is, of course, a year-round model. MOBI KOLOS A is not just a mobile home; it's a true oasis of luxury and comfort, allowing you to enjoy freedom without sacrificing comfort and elegance.




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